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Create Bean

Talisman Karavan

In the Apache Camel framework, certain components necessitate advanced configurations, which must be defined as Beans. For instance, the SQL component requires a dataSource, while the JMS and AMQP components need a ConnectionFactory. To facilitate the creation of these Beans, the Talisman Platform offers a configurable wizard. This wizard streamlines the process of Bean configuration by presenting a list of properties that need to be set, making it easier for users to customize their integration solutions effectively.

Create new Bean

To define a new Bean in Talisman follow the instructions:

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The following YAML will be generated:

- beans:
    - name: PostgresDatabase
        username: user1
        password: xxxxx
        url: jdbc:postgresql://servername:5432/db1
        driverClassName: org.postgresql.Driver
      type: "#class:org.apache.commons.dbcp2.BasicDataSource"

Configuration Elements:

  1. Type: Select Bean type.
  2. Template: Select Template for Bean.
  3. Properties: Fill Bean properties.
  4. Filename: Set filename to store Bean.

Configure Templates

The Talisman Platform offers a suite of Templates designed specifically for enhancing database and messaging components. These templates are fully customizable, allowing users to tailor functionalities to meet their specific requirements.

To configure Bean Templates follow the instructions:

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