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The Dashboard feature provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and ensuring the smooth operation of integrations within your system. It offers observability, monitoring capabilities out of the box, and facilitates seamless tracking through built-in configurable tracing using Open Telemetry. Additionally, the Dashboard supports metrics utilizing Micrometer, allowing users to configure custom metrics to suit specific monitoring requirements.

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The Dashboard enhances user experience by providing a visual representation of message metrics through the Topology view. It streamlines the comprehension of integration data processing, offering users a clear and intuitive overview of the system's performance. With the Topology view, users can easily track message flow and identify any potential bottlenecks or issues, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize their data processing workflows effectively.

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Observability and Monitoring Out of the Box

Talisman Platform leverages Open Telemetry for distributed tracing, providing a unified view of requests as they traverse through various components of your integrated system. This capability is crucial for identifying latency issues and understanding the end-to-end flow of requests.

Metrics Utilizing Micrometer

Talisman Platform incorporates Micrometer for collecting and presenting standard metrics, such as counts, timings, and gauges. These metrics offer a granular view of integration performance.

Users can configure custom metrics to track specific aspects of their integrations that are critical to business operations. This flexibility enables adaptation to the unique monitoring needs of each integration.

Metrics are visualized in easy-to-understand charts and graphs, allowing users to identify trends and patterns over time. This feature aids in proactive monitoring and performance optimization.


Dashboard provides links to container logs that helps identify and resolve issues

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