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Multiple Environments



The Talisman Platform's support for multiple environments ensures that your applications can be consistently and efficiently built and deployed across development, testing, and production stages. With the ability to store environment-specific configurations and customize build and deploy scripts, the platform provides a flexible and powerful solution for managing microservice integrations and deployments.

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The Talisman Platform supports multiple environments:

  • dev (development)
  • test (testing)
  • prod (production)

Environment-Specific Configuration

Kubernetes Resources

The Talisman Platform allows you to store and use environment-specific configurations for Kubernetes resources. Each environment (dev, test, prod) can have its own set of configurations tailored to its specific needs.

Docker Containers

Similarly, environment-specific configurations for Docker containers can be stored and utilized. This ensures that each environment operates with the appropriate settings and resources.

Build and Deploy Scripts

Built-In Scripts

The Talisman Platform provides built-in scripts for building and deploying microservices. These scripts are environment-specific:

  • Development Environment: The platform includes scripts to build microservice integrations in the dev environment and push image to registry.
  • Other Environments: For the test and prod environments, the platform provides scripts to deploy immutable container images.


While the built-in scripts offer a robust starting point, they are stored in a Git repository and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. This flexibility allows you to tailor the build and deploy processes to better fit your workflow and requirements.