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Dashboard is ready

A significant milestone on the way to the Talisman Platform GA release!

We have started testing the Dashboard feature with our first customer. The Dashboard was created as part of preparation for production usage. Observability and monitoring were required to rest assured that integrations are up, running and doing their job. As a result integration microservices created with Talisman Platform provide health check, metrics and telemetry out-of-the-box.

Now, with the Dashboard in action, you can visually track the heartbeat of your integrations, empowering you to stay in control and make informed decisions.

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We're grateful for the collaboration and feedback from our first customer, propelling us closer to the Talisman Platform's GA release.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine and enhance the Talisman experience!


The best thing about building a product in a startup is working with early adopters. Getting fast feedback, being able to build/redesign/implement new stuff and try it on real use-cases makes development easier.

Working directly with end-users as a consultant in a customer integration developers team has been a real game-changer. We use Apache Camel Karavan and Talisman Platform together to build and manage integration microcontainers. We eat our own dog food. It's not just a catchy phrase; it's a practice that keeps our development cycle rapid and ensures we're creating solutions that actually matter.

Topology view was born as part of my onboarding process. Faced with a real project featuring dozens of integration routes spread across various files. It was quite a challenge to understand what logic was implemented there. To tackle this, we crafted a top-level diagram illustrating only the routes, their relationships, and connections with external systems.

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The impact was clear in the next project onboarding – it streamline the process to mere minutes, eliminating the need for extensive explanations from fellow team members.