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Talisman Karavan

The Deployer feature is a powerful tool designed to automate the boilerplate of common building and deployment tasks, providing agility to run integration containers anywhere. This feature streamlines the process of building and deploying projects with a focus on simplicity, configurability, and platform independence.

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One-Click Build and Deploy

The Deployer feature simplifies the build and deploy process with a one-click approach. By leveraging predefined configurations and scripts, users can initiate the entire build and deployment pipeline effortlessly, reducing the complexity associated with manual setups.

Simple Shell Scripts for Build and Deploy

The Deployer feature includes a collection of simple yet powerful shell scripts that encapsulate the essential steps for building and deploying integration projects. These scripts are designed to be user-friendly, enabling users to execute tasks with ease and transparency.

Script Customization

The Deployer feature supports script customization, empowering users to tailor the deployment scripts according to specific project requirements. Customization options include adjusting build paths, specifying dependencies, and incorporating project-specific settings.

Predefined Customizable Scripts for Different Platforms

To ensure flexibility and platform independence, the Deployer feature provides a set of predefined scripts for various platforms, such as Docker, Kubernetes, and OnenShift. Users can choose the script that corresponds to their target platform and make further adjustments as needed, ensuring a seamless deployment experience across different systems.