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API Gateway


The Talisman Platform API Gateway empowers you to effortlessly expose and manage REST APIs built with Talisman. This intuitive feature streamlines the entire API lifecycle

Effortless API Exposure

Talisman's built-in API Gateway eliminates the need for complex configuration or separate API management tools. Simply create your REST services within Talisman, and the API Gateway automatically publishes them, making them readily available for consumption.

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Streamlined Configuration

Enjoy a unified experience for both integration and API configuration. Leverage the familiar Talisman user interface (UI) to define your APIs, reducing the learning curve and simplifying management.

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Built-in Testing

Validate and refine your APIs with ease using the integrated Swagger UI. The Swagger UI provides a user-friendly interface for testing API calls, inspecting responses, and ensuring your APIs function as intended.

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Enhanced Security

Talisman's API Gateway prioritizes security by leveraging OpenID Connect (OIDC) for robust authentication and authorization. Implement OIDC to control access to your APIs and ensure only authorized users can interact with them.